The Free Surfer

Margaux Arramon-Tucco

Margause is a friend, inspiration & the first in our series of interviews.

Growing up in Biarritz, South West France, she has an innate connection to her surroundings & appreciates the natural world.

Always looking to learn form her experiences & the people she meets, we spent a morning at the Cote de Basque learning about Margause philosophy on success, her inspirations & her views
on sustainability.


What do you do?

I am a free surfer since the age of 10 & I develop multi-creative exercises to teach myself the things I want to learn. I concentrate on what will satisfy me.


What drives you to succeed?

Belief & diversity.


What does sustainability mean to you?

It's a constant way of living. I wear mostly clothes found at flea markets & furnish my home in vintage pieces. I have a thing for worn stuff - their soul, their uniqueness.


How do you include sustainability in your work?

I hope the things I'm involved in now have impact later on. We do not need to innovate for pleasure, innovation needs to focus ecological or health issues.


How do you recharge?

I try to culture myself, I love to do nothing & mediate in silence. Be alone is very important to me. I live by the ocean & surfing is definitely a way to recharge & rest my mind.


What is your greatest success?

I think success is immaterial & it's important to remember that. Having my freedom, the ability to try new things & cultivating an open mind set can be defined as my success.


"I mostly wear clothes found at flea markets & furnish my home in vintage pieces.
I have a thing for worn stuff - their soul, their uniqueness"





What was the best advise you were given?

I have always been told to not care what people think. Think your own way & you will be unique. Find what satisfies you & it will make you grow as your own self.


You live in Biarritz - any insider tips?

I mostly surf the Cote de Basques last is in my home spot but I also love to me around & find waves, their is so much coastline in the South West.

Providence in Guethary or Elements in Bidart are my go to for great food.

I would definitely recommend losing yourself in the country side, it gets beautiful up there.


Where is your favourite place to escape to / holiday?

I am constantly travelling, I don't have one place in particular that I prefer. Changing your environment & driving places, to me this is such a great experience & never disappoints.


What is your first summer memory?

The sound of old Spanish women in the streets of Andalusia. I was about 3 & these ladies kept wanting to touch my hair.


We are obsessed with books & how they broaden your mind - what are you currently reading?

En Attendant Bojangles by Olivier Bourdeaut


Finally, where is your dream destination? Your next adventure?

Right now I am obsessed with an African island called Sao Tome. I think it will be my next discovery.


Shot on location in Biarritz, France - March 2019

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