Stylin' Like Robinson Crusoe

It's Monday, the sun is out at our HQ in Biarritz and we can't stop dreaming about summer holidays this August. Thoughts of fresh fish, clear blue seas and lots of vino are making work super hard.

All of this got us thinking about one the most amazing places we have ever been. Croatia is often seen has a party destination, big boat cruises, crazy night life and sun drenched festivals. But the Croatia we love is a lot more chilled. Vis is the farthest inhabited island off the Croatian mainland and when here you feel a million miles from anything.

The best find of our trip was a restaurant suggested by a friend who couldn't tell us the name but could tell us that the wine bottle had children's' drawings on the label and there was a Robinson Crusoe vibe. Not much to go on but the sense of adventure got us and the search began. Failing by road we finally hired a small boat and after meandering around the bays of Vis we found something that looked like it could fit. 

Mooring our boat we made our way up the jagged rocks to the small brick building surrounded by lavender and wild flowers. Taking a seat we didn't know what to expect, there is no menu but there is a promise of some of the best fresh and locally sourced food on the island. This little island escape is Senko's. No electricity or proper running water but one of the best meals we had. Senko and his family welcome you in with open arms and treat you like part of the gang. We got drunk with them, enjoyed some laughs and left with a warm embracing hug and a few bottles of that home made wine (NB the children's' drawings on the bottles were done by his daughters when they were young).